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Which preposition is more proper, when saying "publish a paper (in, on, ...) a conference, proceedings, or journal"?

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It's been ten years since I published a paper anywhere, so I hope people more currently involved in academics will also weigh in. I would say any of the following, and this list is not intended to be comprehensive:

I presented my paper at the conference.
My paper was published in the conference proceedings.
My paper was published in the proceedings.
My paper was published in the journal.

Conference vs. Proceedings

I would normally consider "the conference" to be the meeting you attend to hear talks, panel discussions, etc. I would consider "the proceedings" to be the publication that you receive at the conference that contains the published papers.

Another Construction

People sometimes say the following, and I understand them when they do:

I published my paper in the journal.

Personally, I avoid using that construction, since I wasn't the one who actually published the paper -- the journal published the paper.

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