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I would like to know if these two sentences are correct:

A) Could you lend your calculator for me? I left my at home

B) Could you borrow the calculator from someone else? I can't lend you mine.

Or should I say in letter "A": Could you lend me your calculator ?


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The following sounds right to me.

A: Could you lend me your calculator? I left mine at home.
B: Could you borrow it from someone else? I can't lend you mine.

In B, there's nothing wrong per se in using the word calculator again, but since it has already been referred to previously in the conversation, you could use the pronoun "it" in its place.

Depending on the scenario, the response could include an apology (Sorry, I can't lend you mine.), but it isn't strictly necessary for correctness.

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A is incorrect. B is fine.

Here is how you could fix it,

Could you lend your calculator to me? I left mine at home.


Could you lend me your calculator? ...

Practical English Grammar by Michael Swan, explains borrow and lend like this,

109 borrow and lend
Borrowing is taking (for a time).
  Can I borrow your bicycle? (NOT Can I lend your bicycle?)
You borrow something from somebody.
  I borrowed a pound from my brother. (NOT I borrowed my brother a pound.)
Lending (AmE also loaning) is giving (for a time). You lend something to somebody, or lend somebody something.
  I lent my coat to Steve, and I never saw it again.
  Lend me your comb for a minute, will you? (NOT Borrow me your ...)

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I haven't realize that "for"is wrong too. Thanks! – user63598 Jan 31 '14 at 12:34
It (lend that for me) might not be wrong per se. But it would mean something else. It would be understood as you wouldn't want to lend that thing by yourself, so you asked someone else to do that for you instead. – Damkerng T. Jan 31 '14 at 12:55

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