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In my bank account I've one voice that is called domestic transfer.

What does it mean?

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I think, this "domestic" encloses a specific country region. Like : domestic market (a specific market of a country). Opposite of domestic is foreign. – Hakan Feb 22 '14 at 12:18
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You have voices in your bank account? That sounds spooky! ;) I guess you mean an invoice. :)

Well, a transfer is the displacement of something from one place to another. You can transfer money from one account to another account.

Domestic means it happens with the country, it is not an international transfer.

So what is mentioned in your bank account statement can be two things: the actual money being transferred from or to your account from another account withing the same country, or, more likely, the costs that the bank charges you to process the transfer of money to or from your account.

It is good you mentioned the context though, because my first thought was "domestic transfer" at an airport: domestic transfers are flights that take international travelers who have just arrived to other places in the country.

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