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Consider these examples:

bicycle with wheels
bicycles with wheels
burger with fries
burgers with fries
words with definitions
word with definitions
word with definition

Which ones of these are correct? I have seen the more common one is word with definitions. However, it sounds correct when using burgers with fries when you are buying 2 meals. Are there any general rules of thumb when using these clauses? Thanks in advance.

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Using singular or plural nouns is purely based on whether you have one of something, or multiple of something.

If you have multiple burgers, say so. If you have a single burger, say so.

This even applies with proper names. You would say "Quarter Pounders with Cheese", not "Quarter Pounder with Cheeses" or something like that.

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alright thanks, I think I got it. – tipsywacky Apr 6 '14 at 14:37

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