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Is it correct to say "What would he likes to eat?"

If I ask to my friend for another friend's choice.

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What would he likes to eat?

Let's look at the structure.

[What] would (modal verb) he (subject) likes to eat?

This sentence is inverted since it's a question and what is a question word. Now, if you change it back to its normal uninverted form, it'll look like this :

He (subject) would (modal verb) likes to eat.

The verb likes in this sentence is not considered as a verb but as a part of the modal verb would. So therefore, the verb likes should be in the original form (infinitive form), which is like. The correct sentence is :

What would he like to eat?

More information :


Basic question structure

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No, it’s grammatically incorrect.

When using a modal, the verb always takes the bare infinitive form.

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