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I'd like to make a sentence describing this image.


So, I left my car key on the car door. OR I left my car key in the car door. OR I left my car key put in the car door.

Which one is correct? Or is there a better way to say it?

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On the car door. freedigitalphotos.net/images/… – Laure Aug 17 '14 at 18:33
I left my key in the keyhole. :^) @Laure - your picture shows there's no single answer to this question. My instincts tell me to use in rather than on, but those pesky prepositions can be hard to nail down. – J.R. Aug 17 '14 at 20:21
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Key in the car door is the right use of it.

For reference check this result from google books.

There is absolutely no reference for the other use in any book there.

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ON the door would mean that the key is sitting on top of the door. That's clearly not what is meant here.

IN the door is correct.

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I would say:

I left my car key in the car door (lock).

lock is implied since you can't put a key inside the door anywhere else.

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HAHA I love that link to the stock photo titled_Left Key ON the car door - now I understand why you asked. But that is incorrect. They are not 'on' the door, they're IN the door. As user 3169 stated, people understand they are in the lock as a given.

So, definitely - IN the door. I've actually never heard anyone say 'on' the door. If you left it 'on' your door, I guess it would be laying on the window ledge or something. HAHA

Saying 'I left my car key put in the car door' is incorrect. I thought about it and on a SEARCH for stock images I'm more specific. I would start with: 'keys left in car door', then search: 'car keys left in door' - You can cover 3 car key in door searches by using these search parameters: 'car-keys-left-in-car-door-lock-in-parking-lot-garage'

:D where are my car keys?

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