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How to refer to a body's private/intimate parts with one word? Can't seem to find on the web.

As in this sentence, for instance:

Hey, please stop shaking your the word.

More looking for "flamboyant" words that can be used in funny contexts.

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Genitals is the word for the sexual organs. – MaxW Jan 16 at 23:09
Your mouth is also a private part. Do you want that to count? – ʇolɐǝz ǝɥʇ qoq Jan 16 at 23:13
Humorous and flamboyant words for genitalia can be found by searching for euphemisms. One of George Carlin's routines includes a list of euphemisms. Jasper Carrott has one too. My favourite euphemisms are 'lady garden' and 'gentleman sausage'. – ssav Jan 17 at 1:19
BrE: naughty bits. – lurker Jan 17 at 1:44

You probably have two options for this. In general conversation - regular to formal environments - you'll want to use "genitals":

Please, stop shaking your genitals.

If you're talking to little kids, though, or in a much more colloquial setting you can use "privates":

Please, stop shaking your privates.

You do have more playful options:

  • Family Jewels - for guys only.
  • Pecker - More common in British English, but I think Americans would still get it. Only for guys.

While looking for more answers to your question, I found something perfect. Here are 2,600 words for male genitals and a couple of thousand words for female genitals spread out on a timeline over the last ~120 years or so. Here is a screenshot - it's really quite exhaustive:

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Alex, thanks for your reply. Are there any slang, maybe jargon or just sarcastic words for privates/genitals? To be honest I know these, was more looking for curious, joking or some flamboyant ways to call body parts. Will probably edit the question to make it more clear. – Arman McHitarian Jan 16 at 23:47
@ArmanMcHitarian ah! great - my first language was Russian. The Russian word you gave reminded me of an English word. There is actually a more playful word for this - "family jewels" is used in place of genitals. Though I've heard it used mostly for guys. – Alex K Jan 17 at 0:41
In BrE for males meat and two veg, fishing tackle; for women below the waist: fanny, not to be confused with AmE fanny meaning butt (two sides of the same coin); above the waist: baps (buns which are similar in shape to AmE hamburger buns, but bigger) – Peter Jan 17 at 0:57
@Peter, and Alex(wow, мир тесен и прелестен :) ), tx, guys. – Arman McHitarian Jan 17 at 1:10
Regarding "pecker". I'm sure Americans get it no problem. From System Of A Down's IEAIAIO - "Peter's pecker picked another pickle-bearing pussy pepper." :) Always wanted to shout this :) – Arman McHitarian Jan 17 at 1:16

Assuming you're talking about bits that can be shaken (i.e. dangly bits) you could use "tockley" but it is a mostly Australian slang term so may not work for your audience.

I don't know of any word to refer to a labia that could be shaken.

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