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Repetition of a proper noun in journalism

In a recent article about a youtuber named Felix Kjellberg (also known as Pewdiepie), I came across this sentence:

In Kjellberg's most recent edition of Pew News, a semi-satirical series where Kjellberg offers his own take on news events [...], he dedicates [...]

The very close repetition of the name really surprised me, I'm 100% sure if I did that in an essay in my native language I would get a remark from my teacher. The writer could have easily avoided it by using he the second tim. Repeating a pronoun is really not as bad.

Does it look normal to you? Is it a thing related to journalism writing style maybe?

Another thing to note is that in the whole article, Pewdiepie is never referred to as something else than "Kjellberg", except when the writer is quoting someone else. Not even "Felix", or "the youtuber", just "Kjellberg".

Is it common practice or lazy writing?

(I don't want to link the article but it's easy to find)