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Aug 24 '20 at 10:07 comment added rjpond Yes. For some speakers it could be nearly equivalent, dependent on their idiolect and context. I have heard "I don't hate it" used to mean something like "I'm open to the idea"/"I'm starting to like it" - but it could also be used as a euphemistic way of saying "I dislike it but I don't hate it". There is no universal interpretation. Tone of voice could be indicative, as well as emphasis.
Aug 22 '20 at 21:32 comment added Takashi Thank you for the detailed explanation. I thought "I don't hate it" might not be exactly the same but nearly equivalent to "I don't dislike it". I now feel that non-native beginner English speakers like me must be careful using those seemingly similar expressions.
Aug 22 '20 at 13:24 history answered rjpond CC BY-SA 4.0