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'inform' vs 'inform upon'

[Source:] Arguments that appeal to ignorance rely merely on the fact that the veracity of the proposition is not disproven to arrive at a definite conclusion. These arguments fail to appreciate that the limits of one's understanding or certainty do not change what is true. They do not inform upon reality. That is, whatever the reality is, it does not "wait" upon human logic or analysis to be formulated. Reality exists at all times, and it exists independently of what is in the mind of anyone.

I am guessing OED Online's Definition 8b as the apt definition for inform in the foregoing:

III. 8b. Of a quality, principle, etc.: to be the determinant principle of; to give a thing its essential quality or character; to inspire, animate; to pervade. In later use more generally: (of an experience, etc.) to influence, to affect.

Yet OED appears mum on inform upon. So what are the similarities and differences? What would happen if upon were omitted here? I know that as prepositions, upon = on.