If I ask someone:

Where did you run last night?

It can be understood either as an enquiry about the place in which that person ran, or as a question about the destination that person ran to.

If I specifically wanted to ask the second question while still using the word where, what should I say?

  • Or to where did you run last night? – Alan Carmack Aug 10 '16 at 2:05

Just add the preposition "to" as you did.

Where did you run to last night?

Similarly, you can use "from" to refer to the place they started.


A runner often runs a loop, so "Where did you run" could often be answered "at the local park" (your first version).

If you want to know where they ran to, ask it like that: "Where did you run to last night?". The problem with that question is you may confuse a loop-runner: "Um, home?"

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