Could anyone please clarify why "be" was used in the sentence? As far as I know this kind of structure can be used when you suggest, demand, or require something. But with "wish," I have no clue.

At the opening, Chun’s daughter Sumita Kim told reporters that she was sorry for her mother that the exhibition overlaps with the prosecutors’ investigation, but the ongoing investigation will fulfill the artist’s wish that the truth be unveiled.


  • Subjunctive clauses (the kind headed by a plain verb-form) can occur as complement to nouns like "wish". The use of the plain verb-form "be" in the subjunctive clause in your example is fine; the clause expresses the content of the artist's wish.
    – BillJ
    Commented Aug 13, 2016 at 13:04

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That is a subjunctive mood. It expresses hopes, possibilities, and counterfactuals, but is quite rare in English.

It uses the bare infinitive form of the verb.

Examples: "God save the King!" (not saves)

There is also the "were subjunctive" As in "If I were you...


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