That is a freshener. It looks like a bell, but it's not a one as it wouldn't create (a/0) sound.

  1. A sound.
  2. Sound.

What should be the right choice for the sentence above? And if you use sound uncoutably, what context would that be?

  • "A one' is not natural; choose between 'a bell' or 'one' Commented Aug 15, 2016 at 0:16

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The words a sound definitely imply that something will make a distinct sound. A bell, a car, keys jingling.

As far as I understand, the word sound is used more generally for something like a speaker spewing music (which can be a different genre of music, volume, or frequency).

Since we are taking about a bell, I would say a sound is more native and is more specific.


Use the uncountable form when describing general situations where sound occur

Bats and submarines use sound for navigation

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