Ok, A should say:

  1. you should make your bed after you wake up.


  1. you should make your bed after you woke up.

In case 1, the waking-up action happened before "make the bed", but English doesn't have "past in the future" tense though we do have "future in the past" tense (was going to do....)

In case 2, you broke the universe because the "waking up" action did not exist at the time of saying.

  • As an alternative, you should probably make your bed after you get out of it. Often getting out of bed is better after you have woken up (perfect). Aug 20, 2016 at 11:53

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The difference is that woke is the past tense of wake.

I woke up yesterday,

is the past tense of:

I wake up everyday at 6:30,


I will wake up tomorrow at 6:30

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