Read out the sentence.

Read the sentence out.

Read the sentence aloud.

Read aloud the sentence.

Bring the boy out.

Bring out the boy.

What exactly is the difference between these kinds of constructions?

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    All would be understood, but some are more idiomatic. read out and bring out are phrasal verbs, commonly used idioms and so seem natural to me. Whereas Read aloud is not a familiar phrasal verb and so read aloud the sentence seems odd to me.
    – djna
    Aug 20, 2016 at 8:21

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Bring the boy out.
Bring out the boy.

either is fine since out indicates a direction/location.

In the others, not the first two, because there is no location/direction. Using aloud is OK but I would prefer:

Read the sentence out loud.


Tha actions verbs are transitive, which have direct objects and intransitive, which have an indirect object.

Rahul smoothed the bedspread out.

The bold part is an indirect object, and the actions verb is intransitive.


Leslie didn't have any money for a sandwich, so Smitty purchased her it.

The bold part= indirect object.

It= direct object.

Purchased= transitive.

Transitive verbs necessarily have a verb complement.

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