My skin has started tanning. What do I say about people's reaction to me?

Now they take me as [an] Indian
Now they take me for [an] Indian

What do I add here after take me?

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    Given that take has more than 50 meanings, I'm not sure why it would be obvious to a learner which preposition comes after "take me". This seems like a legitimate learner's question and I'm confused about the close votes.
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    Aug 20, 2016 at 8:46

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If you are not an Indian, but just look like one because of your tan, it might be better to say:

Now they mistake me for an Indian.

If you wanted to use take instead of mistake, I would say it like this:

Now they take me to be an Indian.

The phrase "takes me to be" is roughly equivalent to "regards me as" or "believes I am." This fits along with Definition #21 at Wiktionary:

take (verb) To assume or suppose; to reckon; to regard or consider : Do you take me for a fool?‎ Do you take me to be stupid?‎

Here's a quote using this construct, taken from literature:

...you shall see that I am not the vanquished Don Quixote you take me to be.


Here is an appropriate reference for this usage:

What do you take me for? - Dictionary.com

This means "What sort of person do you think I am?" For example, "What do you take me for, an idiot?" This expression dates from the mid-1800s.

Take me as I am - Bod Dylan song title

In this example, take means accept.

no one would take me as a client - I made it this far

In this example, take means accept as a job or responsibility.

Here are lots more references to take me as.

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