At different times in history , writers and artists have admired pure , high foreheads or low , broad ones .

In this sentence , how many kinds of foreheads are there ? 2 or 4 ? I really confused the word '' low , broad ones '' .

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Coordinate Adjectives
If two adjectives modify a noun in the same way, place a comma between the two adjectives. These are called coordinate adjectives.

So, there are have been two kinds of foreheads that have been admired in the past:

  1. Foreheads that were pure and high ("pure, high foreheads")
  2. Foreheads that were low and broad ("low, broad foreheads")

I'm not entirely sure what "low and broad" means, but I have a feeling this is an example. enter image description here

Fergie has one of the smallest foreheads in Hollywood, and is usually seen wearing loose, long waves with a centre hair part. This hairstyle is actually much better for her forehead, because it has a side hair part and added height at the front. (Source.)

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