I'm seeking a word or phrase which implies in the last few days I have a girl, but she's not a friend and she's not a girlfriend yet, we go together in order to see the possibility of being together in a relationship.

In my language, we say something that its translation is: "We are going out together in the last couple of days".

What is the parallel word/s or phrase in English?

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    I think what you are trying to express with the phrase in the last time is "recently" or "lately" or "these days". Aug 22, 2016 at 23:58
  • absolutely, these days. Aug 23, 2016 at 20:54

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To express an uncommitted relationship you can say

  • We're just seeing each other / dating, but we're not serious (yet).

  • I'm seeing a new girl but it's nothing serious

If you include yet in the first sentence, then the listener will guess that you are romantically interested in this girl and want to take the relationship further. In other words, you are ready to be in a serious (committed) relationship. But dating and being serious about someone is a tricky and nebulous area of language.

I’ve been seeing this guy for four months now – we’re dating and see each other a couple of times a week. However, if anyone refers to me as his girlfriend in front of him, the colour drains from his face. When I asked him if we were going out properly he just said he ‘wasn’t there yet, and wasn’t even sure if he wanted a serious relationship.’

Daily Telegraph


Going out is OK for this (you don't need the together); so is dating. Going out is a bit more non-committal—it doesn't exclude an escalating relationship, but it doesn't specifically imply it either, while dating at least suggests a relationship something more than merely casual or friendly: you are exploring escalation.



might be the word you are looking for.

It means the very beginning of a relationship when two people are still finding out about each other and there is no commitment involved. A person may date multiple people during the same time period (I refrain from saying "at the same time" since that may be taken the wrong way).

They're just dating.
It's just a date.

One might even say

first date
second date

to show how new the relationship is.

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