Suppose someone is consulting you about a matter and you are going to tell him that they have to consider the matter from a comprehensive perspective / point of view; which one of the following sentences sounds more natural to you:

-1- First, you have to consider the matter from a comprehensive perspective.

-2- First, you have to have a bird’s eye view about that matter.

-3- First, you have to analyze the matter from a high vantage point.

-4- First, you have to view the matter from a macro level.

All the sentences above are self-made and mean the same for me, but I doubt which ones sound natural or unnatural to a native speaker.

  • First you need an overview. There's nothing wrong with your example #1, but none of the others sound natural to me (I don't think many people would use metaphoric bird's eye view in this way). Aug 23, 2016 at 12:19

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Number 2 sounds the most natural to me (American speaker). I guess that's because it uses the colloquial expression, bird's eye view, so it sounds less formal than the others. Although it should be bird's eye view of, not about. Number 1 would be the next most natural, because comprehensive is a more common word than vantage point or macro.

If I were speaking and I needed to express this, I would probably say: "First, you have to look at the big picture."

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