Googling "graphic video" revelas that it is something like "video with violence", yet I can't find "graphic video" in a dictionary.

Description of "graphic" sometimes give a hint:

depicted in a realistic or vivid manner:
Example: graphic sex and violence.

, but the definition doesn't not imply any violence, only the example.

Is it appropriate to use the term "graphic video" just for a realistic or picturesque video? Isn't "graphic video" a tautology (video implies relating to graphics, like audio to sound)? Is it some euphemism?

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  • The meaning of "graphic" really depends on context. In general a "graphic video" doesn't mean "a video with pictures", because as you point out, all video includes pictures by definition. "Graphic video" does not mean "realistic video" and "picturesque" is very different from either "graphic" or "realistic". It's not the kind of phrase you would find in a dictionary, since the precise meaning of "graphic" is mostly just understood from context.
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  • I concur with J.R., but I do not understand what official connotes in this context. Aug 24 '16 at 23:26

graphic video

is a term used to describe a video which shows everything and has a negative meaning

graphic violence

will show all the blood and gore that might be seen in real-life

graphic pornography

will show sex acts up close.

A usual word which is collocated wth graphic is

graphic detail

If one was showing detailed videos of landscapes one might use


as adjectives instead of "graphic".

This is not to be confused with


which refers to technical display aspects.

interactive graphics

refers to graphs that the user can control and change instantly

graphics video card

is the printed circuit board which sends signals to drive a display device like a CRT or TV


Graphic here means detailed (including tiny details important or unimportant as in real life) since the video does not necessarily include all the details.

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