I am confused how to use Shall and Can. For example:

Shall I commit the code

Can I commit the code

Which one of the above is correct?

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Each is correct in different contexts. It's not a question of "one is right and one is wrong".

"Shall I do X?"

is an inquiry as to whether something ought to be done. You could safely rephrase it as "Do you want me to do X?" The underlying question is "Would it be a good thing for me to do X?"

"Can I do X"

taken literally, is a question as to whether the one asking is capable of doing X. You could alternatively put it as "Am I capable of doing X?"

However, "Can I do X?" is often casually used in place of

"May I do X?"

Which would be safely rephrased as "Am I permitted/allowed to do X?" This distinction between "Can I" and "May I" can be seen in

"Yes, of course you can [are physically able to] eat all the cookies in the jar, but you may not [you are not permitted to do so]."


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