Looking for a right vocabulary. A kid is touching your leg, but his hand isn't just still, on the leg, but rather moving here and there busy. Do you have other words to describe this kind of touch?


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This would be a colloquial way of telling your own child to desist:

It annoys me when you keep touching my leg over and over again like that.

keep touching = persist in touching, to touch repeatedly

over and over again = repeatedly

like that = in that manner, as you are doing

or you could say

What is this with all the touching? Stop doing it, okay?

or you could say

Go away, kid. You're bothering me.


You might be looking for:

  • stroke
    1. to pass the hand or an instrument over (something or somebody) lightly or with little pressure; rub gently, as in soothing or caressing.
  • brush
    1. to touch lightly in passing; pass lightly over:

So, it would be

  1. Stop stroking my leg.
  2. Stop brushing your hand on/against my leg.

I wonder if the word Scrabble could be used here. It aptly fits the action mentioned here. Could be said Stop scrabbling at my leg.


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