Here are some sentences; the third one and the fourth one really confuse me

  • I remember to make cheese. (I remember this thing, I will do it later)
  • I remember making cheese. (I have made some cheese, and I remember it)
  • I remember the making of cheese. (Does this one mean I have already made some cheese?)
  • I remember cheese making. (Cheese making is made by gerund, a compound noun, does this one have the same meaning with the second one?)

I remember making cheese

specifically means you made cheese

I remember the making of cheese
I remember cheese making

is ambiguous since it could mean you made cheese or someone else made cheese but cheese was produced in either case.

Your initial sentence

I remember to make cheese

sounds awkward,

I will remember to make cheese
I must remember to make cheese
I should remember to make cheese

would be used to indicate the future and

I remembered to make cheese

can be used to indicate the past.

  • Thanks so much for your help! Because those two forms come from gerunds. I suppose they should have same meanings with verbal gerunds. Like: You can say This table needs some cleaning(needs to be cleaned passive voice) But you can't say :I need some cleaning on this table(it means you need to be cleaned) – moyeea Aug 28 '16 at 13:17

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