I was replying an email sent by a friend and I wrote "Thanks Mark, interesting the comment from John!"

Basically I was trying to say that John made a good comment about a magazine article.

I feel I keep using italian structures in my brain... but they sound unnatural in English: what preposition or sentence should I have used?

  • Welcome to ELL and thanks for your question! Thinking in a new language is the key to speaking it well. If you look up the word comment in your dictionary, you will find some examples. What prepositions do they use? Our Help Center pages will show you how to write a good question. We hope you will ask more of them. – P. E. Dant Reinstate Monica Aug 29 '16 at 19:42

I think a more natural way to say it would be:

Thanks, Mark. That was an interesting comment from John!

The present tense could also be used:

Thanks, Mark. That's an interesting comment from John!

The reason you can use either past or present tense is because:

  • The comment was made and sent in the past (so past tense is okay); however,
  • You still find the comment interesting (so present tense is okay, too)

You can also move the word interesting to the end:

Thanks, Mark. That comment from John is/was interesting.

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