The Terminal is starred by Tom Hanks

(Terminal is a movie)

I am trying to state that Tom Hanks is the star in the terminal.

In my context I need to use passive voice. So is starred by make sense in this context please?

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For starters (no pun intended), verb forms of to star include: (he) starred, (he is) starring, (he) stars, (they) star.

The Terminal is starred by Tom Hanks.

is the correct sentence. It—however—means that Mr. Hanks put a starlike symbol next to the movie's title. On the same website you may find the correct usage of the verb with respect to its context. Take note of the “categories” prepended to the definitions (e.g. “intransitive”), they provide information on how the word is (commonly) used.

One of the sentences to describe that situation could be:

The Terminal stars Tom Hanks.

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