I wrote:

An increased bending in a pallet car can stop the conveyor.

Here by "increased" I mean a bending which is ...mmmm.. beyond a specific limit, exceeding a limit (something like overload, or excess (maybe I should use excess!)). I don't know if it means what I purpose or not! to me "increased" needs a reference point.

I searched for the meaning of "increased" but didn't find much in dictionaries. Longman has an example

an increased incidence of childhood leukaemia

but don't know if it matches my meaning.

The question is does increased means something like excess?, if not what it means?


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Q: Does increased means something like excess?

It does not. The word increased means "greater in size, amount, or degree", whereas excess means "more than is usual or necessary". An increased value may or may not exceed the allowed limit.

So, the sentence you proposed in the question, An increased bending in a pallet car can stop the conveyor, and another sentence you proposed in a comment, Bending that exceeds a specified limit can stop the conveyor; therefore, an early and precise diagnosis is required, do not have the same meaning.

The phrase bending that exceeds a specified limit is correct, considering your intended meaning.
In case you want something more concise, overbending is a possible alternative.

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