As per my understanding "would" is used in the situations below:

  • Conditional sentences
  • Past of will
  • Repetition in the past
  • Future in the past.

Could someone help me to understand in what category the sentence below falls?

"For some people, it would mean spending more time at home"

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    Some context for the sentence would help. – JiK Sep 10 '16 at 16:44

You may interpret this as an implicit conditional, in which it (whatever it is) is understood from the context to be an optional or contingent or hypothetical eventuality: (If they did it, doing) it would mean more time at home.

This is a very common use. Frequently the 'condition' is expressed as a non-finite clause:

Doing that would be dangerous. To do that would be dangerous.

Both of these have the sense "If you did that you would expose yourself to danger".

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