I was registering a user account online at a sports club and got an Error Prompt saying "Can we get a spot"? See my picture below.

I know "spot" has the meaning of dirt, location, but cannot figure out what is the meaning of the sentence in the context. Can anybody help? enter image description here

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    It means nothing to me. – Colin Fine Sep 20 '16 at 16:27

In a gym, to "spot" for someone means to help them with heavy weights - either to get them into a starting position, or to be ready in case the weight slips so that they don't hurt themselves.

From wiktionary, definition 12:

(gymnastics, dance, weightlifting) One who spots (supports or assists a maneuver, or is prepared to assist if safety dictates); a spotter.

In this case, they are making a joke with their 404 page. "Can we get a spot" means "Something went wrong and we need help".

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