A sentence from a newspaper:

The researchers said another 107 students had problems because of their Internet use.

Shouldn't it be other (students) instead of another (students)?

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You use another to suggest the idea of more people or things than those already mentioned:

  • one more person or thing or an extra amount:

    • For another £30 (= for £30 more) you can buy the model with a touchscreen.
    • Just think, in another three months (= three months from now) it'll be summer again.

You use other to refer to someone or something different from the one you are referring to:

  • The product has many other time-saving features.
  • There is no other work available at the moment.
  • The site links to about 24 other sites offering clip art.
  • The man was waiting on the other side of the street.
  • He was economical with the truth - in other words, he was lying.

Cambridge Dictionary


No, this is correct as is. If they were talking about a student (or a few students) in the preceding sentences, from a contextual basis. it would be "another".

In simple words, they are trying to say that apart from the already mentioned students, another 107 students had problems.

Other does not go with the sentence here.

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