A recently released song from Ghost troubled me.

The chorus troubled me, since I don't understand what would mean "on the square":

Are you on the square?
Are you on the level?
Are you ready to swear right here right now before the devil
That you're on the square
That you're on the level
Right here right now (bis)

I've already seen that phrase used, and inferred from the context it was the square of a chessboard, but in that song, we are talking of the listener, nor a chess piece.

I've also seen it used to point to a square in the meaning of a place, but I don't see how it make sense in that song either.

Could anybody enlighten me on what was meant here?


To be on the square: to be completely honest in what you say and do

Square is often used in idioms that refer to correctness and straightforwardness. For example, you could get a square deal or you could say that something is squared away.

(By the way, music is a mass noun, so you can't say "a music". You have to just say "music" or "a song" or "lyrics".)

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On the square and on the level are Free Mason terms. Meaning that you are being honest and truthful in your answer

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