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If we use a prepositional "by phrase" then it is passive form but if we use other prepositions such as "to, with" etc., then is the verb in passive or active form?

For example:


  • They told me a secret
  • He tells me to come.


  1. A secret was told to me by them = I was told a secret to me by them.
  2. I am told to come by him.

My question is without the "by phrase" for example in

  1. I was told a secret to me

  2. I am told to come.

Are these in passive or active voice?

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  • If your question is: Is a clause in the passive voice required to contain a prepositional phrase beginning with "by"? then the answer is "no." Your last two sentences are in the passive voice. – P. E. Dant Sep 25 '16 at 3:19