Is this sentence is correct or not?

How many petition a player can file?

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No, it is not correct.

How many petitions {can a player file}?

You needed to invert the subject-verb order of the {marked clause} (and enlist an auxiliary verb).

What time {does the train depart}?

When {will you come home}?

What food {does the iguana eat}?

How much wood {can a woodchuck chuck}?

P.S. But your use of the article a is correct.


The article "a" is correct, because it goes with "player"; you are talking about any single player.

However, there are two mistakes in your sentence:

  • "how many" has to go with a plural, so you need "petitions" rather than "petition"
  • the "can" needs to be moved to the front of the phrase "a player can file" when you make it a question, so "can a player file"

How many petitions can a player file?

Note that without the question mark, the word order would be valid; for example in a list of key facts, you might write:

How many petitions a player can file: 10

Which is another way of saying:

Number of petitions a player can file: 10

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