The sentence is "This was the first time the provision of services in general through Irish by the state system was placed on a statutory footing." I just saw this sentence on a list and it doesn't provide any context. What do "in general", "through Irish", "by the state system" describe? Do they describe the provision or the services or the first time? Please try to give an easy explanation.

  • Please include more context. This is a quote from Wikipedia, and we need for you to edit the entire short paragraph into your question (there's an 'edit' link underneath it) to understand what is meant there. – StoneyB Sep 26 '16 at 15:23
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    It's rather clumsy phrasing, but services in general means most services (of various types, not limited to particular kinds of services). And through Irish means through the medium of (using) the Irish language. The State system just means using the mechanisms of government and civil servants (usually one would just say "the State", but here we're specifically focusing on the infrastructure system used by the State to perform its duties on behalf of the citizenry). – FumbleFingers Sep 26 '16 at 15:24

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