I want to express that something brings me some feelings, then I wrote the following sentences.

  1. It brings me beautiful mysterious dreamy feelings.
  2. It brings me beautiful and mysterious dreamy feelings.
  3. It brings me beautiful, mysterious and dreamy feelings.
  4. It brings me beautiful mysterious and dreamy feelings.

But after I read this, I think that mysterious and dreamy pair with the feelings as a unit, and then beautiful modify the unit. So I think the first and the last sentence are more correct.

For the second sentence, it seems that beautiful and mysterious are coordinate adjectives and to modify dreamy feelings. Is that right?

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    @MickSharpe - Wait, what do you think is the problem with #1? There's nothing wrong with chaining adjectives like that (cf, one-eyed one-horned flying purple people eater). – stangdon Sep 28 '16 at 11:39

Coordinate adjectives modify nouns in an equal way. They describe the same feature. They are often called "equal adjectives." Most coordinate adjectives are adjectives of opinion or evaluation. We don't generally use more than one adjective from any of the other categories together because they sound redundant.

Cumulative adjectives build upon each other and must be in a certain order. They are equally important and give different types >of information

Source #1 Source #2

I've analyzed the web and have to say that "beautiful" and "mysterious" together are "Coordinate adjectives". And it looks like "dreamy" tends to add similar characteristics to the object! So basically it is also a "Coordinate adjective".

We should also clarify that "beautiful" and "mysterious" are equally modifying the "dreamy feelings".

So based on this explanation (Sometimes a comma is inserted to clarify that two adjectives modify an adjective-noun combination instead of all the adjectives modifying the single noun.) we need to separate the two with a comma.

In result we get that #3 "It brings me beautiful, mysterious and dreamy feelings." is the correct sentence which means that "It brings you mysterious and dreamy feelings which are beautiful!"

  • I can't cleary define whether your comment is indulging or not. What do you mean by "in the same way"? – SovereignSun Dec 5 '16 at 18:19

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