I have come across this situation many times. For example:

Interactive e-books can not only show characters' movements and facial expressions but also can let the children (readers) choose what would they do under the scenarios.

Should I use plural for those words? I feel it may not be necessary but characters have many movements and facial expressions in an e-book and there are many scenarios in an e-book too.

I tried searching Google for it but I cannot find explanations for this kind of situation.

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    In your example, it's relatively straightforward: there are plural characters, and each will have its own expression and movement; also, there is clearly more than one scenario, since there are plural ebooks. Plurals are correct in your sentence, as you have them. (For the plural of scenario, see here.) – P. E. Dant Reinstate Monica Sep 29 '16 at 1:37

"movements" is correct, since each character would have more than one movement.

"facial expressions" is also correct, for the same reason.

"under the scenarios" is wrong. "the" implies singular; only one. I would re-write this as "under each scenario", since such adventures follow only one scenario at a time.

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