What words can be used to describe an advertisement which works very effectively to attract people to buy the product?

I don't think I can say attractive advertisement or luring advertisement as there isn't any google results for those phrases.

  • Could you supply a sentence where this phrase or word would fit? For example, "Company XYZ's advertising campaign proved to be ____" OR "Product B doesn't attract buyers unlike Product A because it lacks _____"
    – Mari-Lou A
    Sep 29, 2016 at 11:28

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There are few words which are synonyms to attractive and also can be used efficiently with the word advertising. Consider the following options:

  1. catchy: ‘They've come up with all manner of catchy slogans designed to tip the scales in their favour.’.
  2. alluring: ‘Such entertainments offered alluring images of appealing stars surrounded by an abundance of consumer goods.’
  3. tempting: ‘Staff can now offer a tempting range of products from well-known names.’
  4. creative (though not synonymous with attractive, it can be used with advertisements):

Effective and persuasive appear to be commonly used in the ads industry:

Characteristics of an Effective or Persuasive Advertisement:

  • Effectiveness and persuasiveness of ads are closely linked. While you often have different goals with ads, the general intent of each is to persuade customers to think, feel or act in a certain way toward your brand. With this in mind, effective, persuasive ads have several common traits.

Ngram effective, persuasive advertisement


perhaps try 'how to create advertising that sells'?


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