1) I am very much happy.

2) I am so much happy.

3) I am happy very much.

4) I am happy so much.

Are all of the above sentences correct?

We use the number (1) and (3) every day. But I think the number (2) isn't correct because we can't use "so + much+ adjective ". On the other hand, "so " is interchangeable with " very ". As per the rule, The number (1) is supposed to be wrong. Please give me the explanation in detail. I am so so confused.

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  • Who says we use numbers 1) and 3) every day? I never say either, I just say "I'm really happy" or "I'm thrilled to bits" (can't remember the last time I said either though....) . Which ones have you heard the most frequently? Which ones sound "right" and "natural" to you? Why do you think this is so? Which ones did you invent on the spot? And, which ones did you find on a website, or in a grammar book? Please name your source!! – Mari-Lou A Oct 5 '16 at 11:40

None of them sound correct to this US English speaker. We only use much with comparative adjectives, not simple adjectives like happy. That is, you could say "much happier", but not "much happy".

The idiomatic way to say it is "I am so happy" or "I am very happy". You're correct that very and so are interchangeable in this context.

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