Imagine a boss wants to know if his secretary has arranged a coordination with the partner company; e.g. for tomorrow morning. He may ask something like:

  • Have you coordinated the meeting time with them?

That sounds natural grammatically and idiomatically.

  • But my question is whether it is possible to substitute "time" in the above self-made sentence with the word "hour"? Would it make any sense then?
  • Is there a more idiomatic alternative?
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    It needs to be past tense "coordinated", since you are asking about something that has (presumably) already been done. – user3169 Oct 5 '16 at 18:20

It still makes sense grammatically, but isn't idiomatic. It's a little ambiguous because it could also be asking if the secretary has coordinated the itinerary of the (presumably hour-long) meeting.

If you're looking for a different/idiomatic way to ask that question, the boss might ask:

Have you scheduled the meeting with them?

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