It was A productive week.
It was THE productive week.

What is the correct way to say and why?

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The correct answer you are looking for is probably a.

If you say a, you could be talking about any productive week that has occurred.

If you say the, it must be clear to the reader which productive week you are talking about. For example, if there has only been one productive week, then it is clear to the reader which productive week you are referencing, so you could use the.

However, you are probably looking for the first case.


This explains the difference. A and an are both indefinite articles, (non-specific). Productive being what it's non-specific to.

Here are other examples of using a or an

I want a phone, (any)

I want a car, (any)

I want an ice cream cone, (any)

Now if we use the here, (definite) then it would be specific, productive being what it's specific to.

Here are other examples of using the

I want the phone (specific)

I want the car (specific)

I want the ice cream cone (specific)

So the difference between them is wether or not the week you refer to is specific.

  • I will add, that using the makes the sentence seem incomplete, "it was the productive week..." Is seems like saying something like "it was the productive week...that made our company successful." would improve your sentence, if you are using the Oct 7, 2016 at 20:22

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