Is "What do you know?" the same as "You know what?" If It is different, How to different?


  • I tried Google Search(in Japanese)
  • keyword - You know what means and different from you know what and what do you know
    • I searched the keyword in Japanese without "You know what" and "What do you know".

after that, I knew:

  • "You know what" means
    • How to use

but I did not know "What do you know" means and how to different.

Please teaching of that. Thank you.


You know what? is an informal sentence used to indicate that one is going to say something interesting or surprising.

You know what? I believe her.

What do you know? is a North American informal sentence used as an expression of surprise.

Examples and definitions are taken from the New Oxford American Dictionary, the application running on macOS Sierra, Copyright © 2010, 2016 by Oxford University Press, Inc. All rights reserved.


"What do you know" can be used two ways.

First, as an expression of surprise. "Well, what do you know? That old car actually works."

Or as an actual question - the subject is implied or given by context. "Hi Bob, we were just discussing how to fix broken furniture. What do you know?" (about the subject)

"You know what" seems similar to the first usage of "What do you know", but it's actually not. The speaker isn't surprised at all - it's the same sense as a rhetorical question.

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