Can you tell me please if this sentence is grammatically correct:

My school is near from my house.


It's easy to tell what you mean, but it's not correct and will sound strange to a native speaker. Typically in English we say near to or close to and far (away) from.

  • I'll add that, like the use of many prepositions, this is not predictable or explainable: it is just the way English is, and learners of English just have to learn it. – Colin Fine Oct 10 '16 at 19:24

You can just use near, the to is not needed:

The school is near my house.


Depending on how close you mean, you could also use

near by
The school is near by my house.

which has a closer meaning, e.g. across the street, than

The school is near to my house.

which can mean in your neighborhood.

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