So I was talking with someone about some sponsorship which includes a starter package and it said that it would cost $50 and after said one off payment. So what does it mean? Like it will not be refundable or will be the only payment of will not count to something...?

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As Nathan Tuggy mentions in his comment, a "one-off" is something than occurs once and only once, and is not part of a regular process or sequence. A "one-off" payment would be something you make once for some particular charge or fee, and then in the future you might pay a regular fee every month or whatever.

For example, if you join a fitness club they may try to get you to pay a one-off "initiation fee" in addition to your monthly fee. The initiation fee you would pay one time, and then you wouldn't have to pay for it again.

Or let's say I move into a new apartment and I want to hook up to my local cable company. The cable company might charge a one-off "connection" fee in addition to my usual monthly charge for services.

The "one-off" doesn't mean the fee is or is not refundable, or what it will actually be used for. It just means what it says, a one-time charge. As with anything, you can (and probably should) negotiate.

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