If I want to introduce myself to people who don't know me at all, which article should I be using or none? Example:

John Doe - The Passionate Entrepreneur OR John Doe - A Passionate Entrepreneur OR John Doe - Passionate Entrepreneur

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    In this context, I'd use a – user178049 Oct 23 '16 at 3:42
  • They are all usable. It depends on whether you want to imply that you are the only entrepreneur with passion, or whether you are just one of many. I'd choose the last example (if at all). – Mick Oct 23 '16 at 4:04

If you want "The Passionate Entrepreneur" to be some kind of official title for what you do or the name of your business (as you've indicated by capitalizing the name) then the is correct. However if you just want to tell people that you have passion for entrepreneurship, then you would say a (and not capitalize the name).

For example, suppose I am an adventurous and bold diner and try unusual food. I could tell people I'm an intrepid gourmet. But if I want to start a food blog with that name either as a business or a hobby, I would call it The Intrepid Gourmet.

You can also say John Doe -- Passionate Entrepreneur if you want to be dramatic, since that sounds like a film or book title.

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