George and Joan LIVE (live) in a small house in London. Right now they ARE STANDING (stand) in the sitting room of their house. They HAVE JUST COME (just come) back from a holiday in the country . They ARRIVED ( arrive) at the house five minutes ago.

"What HAS HAPPENED (happen)?" said Joan, as she LOOKED (look) round at the untidy room. "Someone HAS BEEN (be) in the house. They HAVE TAKEN (take) everything out of the cupboards and THREW (throw) it on the floor. Look, George, they HAVE BROKEN (break) all those glasse

Why is it "threw" instead of "thrown"; why was the past simple used instead of present perfect, I think it would be logical to be present perfect, she is discovering what happened it is more present than past.

http://www.english-grammar.at/online_exercises/tenses/all_tenses3.htm This comes from T026-Back from the holidays - All Tenses

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    I agree with you - they have thrown it on the floor would be better here. – StoneyB on hiatus Oct 26 '16 at 10:22
  • The question should be closed because it's based on wrong answers to the given test. See @Mari-Lou's answer. – green_ideas Oct 29 '17 at 3:09
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    You need to read the answer key again. That's not what the correct answers are, according to the website. – green_ideas Oct 29 '17 at 3:10

I did that online exercise and these were my answers

enter image description here

The answers for 1-4 are in the past simple tense

  1. What _____ (happen)? happened
  2. Someone _______ (be) in the house. was
  3. They _________ (take) everything out. took
  4. and ______ (throw) it on the floor threw

The text tells the reader that George and Joan arrived five minutes ago. Since the act of being robbed occurred BEFORE their arrival, the following tenses are in past simple. The last two gap fills (empty spaces) are in the imperative mood.

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