I want to know the word for person or group of people that I follow.
I tried searching on the internet and found nothing.


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Depending on the context the person or group can have different names:

  1. Followee [followees - plural] - A person who is being tracked on a social media website or application; A person who is being followed.

  2. Leader - The person who leads or commands a group, organization, or country; One who guides others in action or opinion; one who takes the lead in any business, enterprise, or movement; one who is ‘followed’.

  3. Guide - A person who shows the way to others, especially one employed to show tourists around places of interest.

This person can also be a commanding officer (CO) in the context of missions, a conductor, maybe a profile or an account.


There is no general term for this in English other than leader, but social media has given a new meaning to the term follow, meaning to subscribe to status updates, and you can't call the person you're following a leader in this case.

Depending on your context you may be able to use the terms publish/subscribe or even publish/follow but that is unlikely to be understood by many social media users. However, a term that might work across multiple such services is account, since it can be said you follow both a Facebook and Twitter account, for example.


Apparently, the word followee seems OK, but it's little usage to mean the person you follow.

The leader of the religious sect and 30 of his followers killed themselves in a suicide pact last - Cambridge Dictionary

I think the word leader is approriate and most common.

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