What does the "be generated" mean in this sentence.

It should be generated directly to your account.

What does that mean?, is it a passive that it's generated by someone, or it means something else?. And how does the construction that being said work?.

I understand that the modal verbs + be + adjective but the past participle has confused me.

  • Yes, this is a passive voice construction, and the epistemic modal should expresses some, but not absolute, expectation of certainty about the future. You can read should here as is supposed to or ought to: "It ought to be generated directly to your account." Oct 29, 2016 at 22:58

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This is simply the passive voice of the verb + should. It isn't past tense More information on passive voice

We generate the password (active verb, "to generate)

The password is generated. (passive verb "to be generated")

The password should be generated (passive verb + should "should be generated")

Another example:

I make the tiramisu.

The tiramisu is made (by me).

The tiramisu should be made.

Of course, this can all be past tense:

I left the package.

The package was left.

The package should have been left.

Or future:

He will forget the incident

The incident will be forgotten

The incident should be forgotten.

Or any other verb tense. You just modify the "to be" verb. Note that "should" adds its own spin on the verb tense. "Should" talks about future expectation, and "should have" talks about past expectation. More info

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