The context about new political law. From my language it's verbatim translated as:

The law came into force

But I have doubts, is this correct? How to right to speak it in English?


It's correct. Come into force is a common phrase used to describe this situation, when a law starts being applied:

To become valid or active (of a law, regulation etc.).

You can also use come into effect.

I'm assuming that by "new political law", you mean that the law is now being enforced. If by new you mean that it has been created (written), you can use "the law has been drafted".


People will often use the term effect/effective when describing the date any law applies.

The new Jaywalking law, which takes effect this Thursday, will increase the fine to $10,000.

Effective November 30, the rewritten Jaywalking law will reduce the fine to $10.

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