"My every conversation with them was inclined towards physics."

Also, Can someone come up with a better statement that adds more depth?

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    It may depend on exactly what you want to say. Using was inclined (or leaned) is more appropriate if all the conversations were about physics right from the beginning. If they actually started off being about other things, but always ended up being about physics, that would be better expressed by saying every conversation turned to[wards] physics. But also note that incline, lean don't necessarily imply that physics was a particularly significant element in the conversation - just that physics had some relevance to what was discussed, or how. – FumbleFingers Nov 1 '16 at 18:13

Incline is not technical, but it does have a slightly "superior" sound to it.

A "simpler" synonym of incline is lean, and that will work in the same sense.

My every conversation with them leaned towards physics.

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