I wanted to write something like this :

I've decided to not change my questionnaire, because the internship abroad is a great opportunity to improve my English.

but I am very unsure about "the internship" Will it be better to write this : ".. because having internship abroad is ... "

Which one sound more natural to native speakers and why ?

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    In either case, you need a determiner before internship. For example, "having an internship abroad" or "having this internship abroad." – cbh Nov 1 '16 at 18:17

In your example, since it is a single internship, you should use some sort of article or modifier depending on context

the internship
an internship
my internship

in the case of multiple internships, the article or modifier is not necessary

because (having) internships abroad are a great opportunity to improve my English.

is correct and understandable.


That will depend on whether the internship in the context is defined earlier

In case the reader/listener already knows which internship the speaker is mentioning then

...because the internship abroad is a...

If the internship is referring to a general term then,

...because an internship abroad is a...
...because having internship abroad is a...

both can work.

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