Is use of "to" in the following sentences correct grammatically and conceptually? If not, could you please suggest some words to replace "to"?

Particular care has been devoted to construct a high quality mesh, especially at tip clearance zone.


Nearly, but not quite. The "to" is right, but not what follows.

The verb "devoted" needs to take as its object 'to' + a noun phrase, so

devoted to constructing ...


devoted to construction of ...

With a different verb, that doesn't need a "to" object, such as "take care", your form would work:

Particular care has been taken to construct ...

because "take care" can take a "to infinitive" as its object. But "devote" requires 'to' plus a noun phrase. There's no explanation for this difference: it just happens to be how English works.

  • Isn't an article needed in: ...devoted to the construction of... No? – Mari-Lou A Nov 3 '16 at 11:16
  • 1
    @Mari-LouA: I think it's optional. If you were talking about constructing something in general, rather than a specific instance, you wouldn't want it. Here you could have it, but I don't think it's essential. – Colin Fine Nov 3 '16 at 11:49

Yes! It is absolutely correct.

Devote has a meaning of "to give up or appropriate to or concentrate on a particular pursuit, occupation, purpose, cause, etc."

So it's actually:

Particular care has been concentrated on the construction of a high quality mesh, especially at tip clearance zone.

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